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Licensed Jumpers

Opening May 30 2020 - Please review the COVID-19 policy

Opening May 30 2020  Please review the policies and do not come to the drop zone unless you have been cleared.  As the restrictions are lifted this will begin to change. Stay tuned.

Licensed Jumpers

  • Aicraft

  • Cessna 206 - 14,000 (MSL) or 8,500 (AGL)
  • Cessna 182 (little shark) 14,000 (MSL) or 8,500 (AGL)
  • When and Where?

  • Were Located at the Fremont County Airport.
  • Jumping Year Round
  • Summer - Open select weekdays June - Sept
  • Summer Weekend Jumping Hours - 7:30am to Quit
  • Winter - Sept - May (weekends only, selective days, CALL AHEAD)
  • Great open landing area.
  • USPA Group Member
  • Air conditioned Packing (Limited Space)
  • Rigging Services

  • Rigging services offered through RedMan Rigging at the dropzone. Expect a one week turned around. Equipment dropped off Saturday or Sunday will be ready the following weekend. Rush service available with a charge.
  • Call Tyler for pricing and scheduling 719-252-7143
  • Food and Drink

  • Vending Machine with Adult Lunch - ables and Drinks
  • Jimmy Johns Lunch Orders
  • DZ BBQ Socials

Jump Ticket Prices

  • Hop-n-Pop

    price reflects members discount
  • $20$15
  • Hop-n-Pops (subject to availability)
  • 2% surcharge for credit cards
  • Jump Tickets

    price reflects members discount
  • $28
  • Jump Ticket $30
  • Members Price $28
  • 2% surcharge for Credit Cards

Organizing & Special Events

Requirements to Jump

  • USPA Membership
  • Logbook
  • USPA License – without it you will be a student
  • Equipment – (Traveling -Make sure reserve is in date)
  • Driver License or Identification

Airport Weather Station (1V6)

Stay Informed

Private Facebook Group

Our main jumper update feed is posted to this group.

Events, weather data, jumper accomplishments, and general information.

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