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Training Common Questions

Learn to Skydive Common Questions

The common questions on this page are about our student training programs. If you participate in these programs you will be skydiving with your own parachute.  Common questions about tandem skydiving can be found here Tandem Common Questions

How can I check availability to do an AFF or IAD training jump?

Training classes are conducted every two weeks on Friday. You must attend the ground school to continue your adventure. This class is minimum of 6 hours and as much as 8 hrs.  Skydiving with your own parachute is not to be taken lightly and is serious.  Once you have the class completed you can jump 7 days a week. All student scheduling runs thru our reservation line at 719-285-4050 option 0

What aircraft do you use?

We fly a SuperVan 900 which gets to altitude in about 12 minutes.

SuperVan Colorado

Can I jump right away?

We understand a sudden urge to skydive & try our best to make it happen for you! Remember you have to attend the ground school which can be a problem if you just starting.  Leaning to skydive is a little different from a tandem style explorer jump as your the parachutist in command.

How old do I have to be?

USPA Basic Safety Regulations requires you must be at least 18 years old to make a skydive. Parents and legal guardians can not sign for a minor.

Is there a weight limit?

The maximum weight limit is 210. If you weight more please talk with the chief instructor about your options to learn.

What type of equipment do you use?

Our student training program uses only state of the art equipment. We currently utilize United Parachute Technologies and Wings systems for student training.

Where are you located?

We skydive at the Fremont County Airport. 60298 U.S. 50 12-E, Penrose, CO 81240

Take Highway 50 West towards Canon City. Look for the WAR MEMORIAL on the left.

Take Highway 50 West towards Canon City. Look for the WAR MEMORIAL on the left.

Turn Left onto the Dirt road that runs back east along side the War Memorial.

When you arrive at the gate call 719-285-4050 for an escort to the hanger.

When should I arrive?

Speak with your instructor to determine times.

Flight Schedule

Winter (Thanksgiving – March):Saturday-Sunday.

Spring-Summer Schedule: 7 Days a Week

How many feet up do you go? How high?

We jump from 18,000k MSL

What is the best time of day?

It depends on the person jumping. All times of the day have their own value and there is no bad one. We recommend morning because of afternoon weather.

How long does it take?

AFF and IAD (static line style) training jumps are an entire day experience normally. After completing the 6-8 hours ground school it is time to jump. Once conditions are right you will be able to skydive.  Spring, Fall and Winter can be challenging for student skydiving due to the low wind limits placed on novice skydivers.  The skydiving school runs all year.

What if the weather does NOT look good?

Often times weather can be different at the airport compared to Denver & Colorado Springs. Don’t assume the weather is bad at the dropzone just because it”s bad at home. Call us at 719-285-4050

How much is it to learn to skydive?


$299 AFF 3 Jumps (Freefall training jump with two instructors)

$199 AFF 4-5 Jumps (Freefall training jump with one instructor)

A License Package $3295.00

Do you match competitor pricing?

Yes. We will match any advertised competitor price that has the same credentials (USPA) within a 50 mile radius. Just provide the link where you saw that advertised business and price.

Are you a United States Parachute Association Group Member?

Yes. We are an active USPA group member dropzone.

Verify our USPA Group Membership

Do you offer Discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts for programs paid in full and military.

We offer the full A License package for $3,299.00

A License Package

How do I book?

Call us 719-285-4050

What happens if the weather is bad once I arrive?

Wait for an opportunity to jump or come back at another time.

I arrived and the weather is good, why did you cancel?

Weather is the hardest part of our job. If conditions are marginal such as cloud level or wind we may choose to cancel the day skydiving. We alert everyone the moment the decision is made. If we canceled the day due to weather and the weather changes becoming better later by chance it is not always a green light to go; for safety reasons the safety and training decision is final for the day. You can always call to discuss weather.

What should I bring with me? What should I wear?

You will need to show a valid photo ID before your skydive. For foot attire: tennis shoes are ideal – no sandals, heels, boots with hooks, or speed laces. Your shoes must be closed toe, and have a snug fit that does not allow them to be kicked off. Dressing for the occasion: We recommend you wear jeans.  Dress for the weather. If it is cold, bring a sweater, if it is really cold bring a couple of sweaters. We will provide you with a jumpsuit, gloves and goggles.

What happens if the parachute doesn’t open?

If the main parachute fails to deploy, you will have a reserve parachute to deploy, which is inspected and repacked every 180 days by an FAA certified parachute rigger.

Can I bring a camera on the jump?

No; United States Parachute Association Basic Safety Regulations recommends only trained jumpers use these to avoid critical distractions.

What does freefall feel like?

Freefall is not the “roller coaster drop” feeling most people expect it would be. It is a comfortable sensation of floating and support, with a slight pressure of air against your body. Freefall is the closest thing to human flight, especially when falling “relative” with other skydivers. In relation to other skydivers in the air, a jumper can move forward, backwards, up, down and all around in the sky. He or she can dive vertically over 200 mph or achieve horizontal movement over the ground up to 60 mph.

Do I have to go “Tandem” first?

No.  You can skydive on your own with your own parachute for the first time.  Tandem just makes the experience a little easier and quicker because you have a parachutist-in-command present. We always recommend a tandem skydive before embarking on the AFF journey.

Can we all jump together?

If your looking for a group experience we recommend a tandem jump.  When training, for safety, you should focus on your jump and try to eliminate any outside influences.  After receiving your USPA A license 25 jumps later you can jump with other experienced jumpers.

Are you the only place in Colorado? Why should we go with you?

There are several places to skydive in Colorado. We have several reasons why we want you to visit us. We have lots of fun with a BBQ social every Saturday night during the Summer. We are the largest skydiving provider in Southern Colorado offering all forms of skydiving from Tandem to Student training. We are the only center on the airport to offer USPA AFF training.

Directions to Colorado Mountain Skydive at the Fremont County Airport.

60298 U.S. 50 12-E, Penrose, CO 81240

After arriving at the airport your will notice several places to skydive.  Were located inside the airport complex not next to the major road with all the skydive signs.


Decker Dr, Penrose, CO 81240

Take Highway 50 West towards Canon City.    LOOK FOR THE WAR MEMORIAL

Take Highway 50 West towards Canon City. Look for the WAR MEMORIAL on the left.

Turn Left onto the Dirt road that runs back east along side the War Memorial.

When you arrive at the gate call 719-285-4050 for an escort to the hanger.



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